Congratulations: NJUers Rake Awards at National Collegiate IoT Design Contest


The Nanjing University teams won two first prizes, two second prizes, two third prizes and one Newland Innovation Prize at the National Undergraduate Internet of Th...

Welcome to Website of Overseas Scholars Service Center of Nanjing University


The website of Nanjing University Overseas Scholars Service Center (OSSC) was formally put to operation on June 16, 2020, as one of OSSC’s major construction items...

​Young NJU Doctor Wins National Medal for Progress in Cancer Treatment


One Chinese Youth May Fourth Medal this year goes to Wei Jia, an associate professor and doctoral supervisor at the medical school of Nanjing University and a chief...

Rubbing Salt into Tumor: Top International Journal Reports NJU Professors’ Breakthrough


Nanjing University life science faculty’s discovery of the anti-tumor mechanisms of high-salt diet was recently reported by Nature Communication and hailed by coll...

Two NJU Feats Chosen as China’s Top 10 Optics Breakthroughs for 2019


Two research achievements by faculty of Nanjing University were on the list of China’s Ten Major Breakthroughs in Optics for the Year 2019, released the Chinese La...

NJU Environmental Scientist Elected Academician


Professor Ren Hongqiang, of Nanjing University’s School of Environment, was elected an academician to the Academic Division of Environmental, Light and Textile Ind...

NJU President Visits US to Tie up with 1st- Rate Universities and Research Bodies


Nanjing University’s president Academician Lyu Jian visited the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and University of California, Los Angeles and Irvine, f...

Israeli University Head Braces Ties with NJU on Visit


Nanjing University and Bar-Ilan University in Israel will develop their cooperation on multiple levels and in multiple areas, according to the meeting of the leader...

NJU Delegation Visits Germany


Nanjing University delegation, led by Yang Zhong, executive deputy secretary of the university’s CPC committee, visited Germany’s Göttingen and Frankfurt from Oct...

Singaporean University Head Visits Nanjing University


The National University of Singapore’s deputy provost Liang Huisi explored the possibilities of inter-university cooperation in talent cultivation and faculty deve...

US Professor Speaks of Breakthrough in Gold Nanoparticles at TSE Lecture


As an important breakthrough in the interfacing of nanomaterials and biology, gold nanoparticles are found capable of delivering proteins and serving as an effectiv...

CPC NJU Secretary Meets Scientist Alumna


Nanjing University’s Party secretary Hu Jinbo met with Professor Bao Zhenan, an academician of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and dean of the Department ...

​CPC NJU Secretary Meets Korean University Head to Boost Ties


Nanjing University’s Party secretary Hu Jinbo met with President Sanggi Min, of Konkuk University, South Korea, and his delegation during their visit to the univer...

​CPC NJU Secretary Meets Sheffield University Head on Future Ties


Nanjing University and the University of Sheffield will strengthen their ties and explore new models of cooperation in new areas, agreed Hu Jinbo, secretary of CPC...

​CPC NJU Secretary Sits in Undergrad Class on Day 1 of New Term


The bell was ringing to signal the beginning of the class on the morning of February 25, 2019, the first day of the spring semester at Nanjing University. Hu Jinbo,...

​Lyu Jian Meets Nobel Laureate Le Clézio


Nanjing University President Lyu Jian met with Professor Jean Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel laureate in Literature (2008), on Xianlin Campus on December 5.

​NJU CPC Secretary Meets with Israeli Ambassador


Hu Jinbo, secretary of Nanjing University’s CPC Committee, met with Zvi Heifetz, Israeli ambassador to China, on Gulou Campus on November 16, 2018.

NJU President Meets Cambridge University Head to Discuss Future Cooperation


Nanjing University President Lyu Jian met with Ellis Ferran, pro-vice-chancellor of Cambridge University, and her delegation to explore future cooperation between t...

Vice President Wang Zhenlin Visits Hong Kong


Nanjing University’s vice president Wang Zhenlin tries to promote exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong during his September-25-to-27 visit there in which he at...

​NJU Sets up Institute of Brain Sciences


The Inaugural Meeting of the Institute of Brain Sciences, Nanjing University(NJU), and Brain Sciences Related Interdisciplinary Symposium, organized by Kuang Yaming...


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